Steampunk Chicken - Free iPhone/iPad Racing Edition App Reviews

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Fun game but when will there be an update? Please update additional characters and tracks. Updating is important for you and us. It's important for us to keep us interested and challenged and important for you so you get more and KEEP customers. There should also be a feedback/support button.


This game has the best name ever. The aesthetic is super goofy, and I love the alternate character names.

Great game!

This game is very fun! It offers everything you look for in a endless runner! Very cool graphics, catchy tune... Run jump shoot!


Good endless runner. Simple controls, good graphics and sound.

Fun game

Love this game. I love all things steampunk and this defiantly has the steampunk vibe. The only thing I would change is the pipe graphics in the front along the bottom. It makes the lower obstacles hard to see

Great fun

Really fun and challenging. Kind of difficult, I kept dying, but addicting nonetheless.

Awesome app

Developers like this make the appstore look good

Very nice

Great graphics. Love the steampunk theme. Definitely recommended I suggest buying full version to get rid of the annoying ads

Awesome game

Very addictive and so much fun! Like the chicken or whatever the character it is :) Great game!!!

Great app!

Great app! I really like it!

catchy music

I found myself humming to the music of the game. Very catchy. Good challenging game.

Fun game

Easy to control. But I still can't survive longer than 20 seconds. :(


Can't get in to play. Can't get anywhere in app. support to report it either.

Excelent game

Steampunk plus shooter plus platforme, great graphics and gameplay, what could be better. Realy competative game, loved it.


It has decent quality, but gameplay is too unoriginal

Can't open it ):

I saw the reviews and I knew it would be good. Turns out the game is probably so good my Ipod can't handle it! Whenever I open it it shows the loading screen for 20 seconds then goes back to my home screen! Oh well!

Fun time

OK. whatever this the app is sick!!

Better than hard games.

This app is so much fun... Why am I so addicted


This game has got to be the awesomest game ever!!!!!

Fun game!

Great time consuming game!

Very fun game

Nice concept


Great! ;)


Great game!

Really nice app

Looks great

Great time waster!

Makes bus rides tolerable


Good game..

Love it.

Enough said.

Very fun!

Love this game it's way fun!


Great game


Should have more levels

Very good

So good




It cool and fun

Great Game!!

Can't stop playing this game


This games dope! No doubt!

Play this everyday

Really good game


What do you call a game that has the sole purpose of making you click on adds?

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